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March 11, 2017 / RedheadRamblings

And what do you smell like?

Sometimes I just can’t help but play along to see where it’s going.

What kind of shampoo do you use?

Why, do you need a recommendation?

Not really. Just wondering what your red locks smell like after a shower.

Because that’s not creepy at all. Would anyone want to date someone who says that to them? You just can’t make this up ladies and gents, and creepers apparently.


February 26, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

Carrot Top

Wow, how is it you haven’t been snatched up yet?

I’m just really picky.

So pretend I’m a carrot and pick me outa the ground! Get it carrot.. top.. Ginger..:)) maybe I should leave the jokes to you:)) you look like youre in great shape tell me what’s your secret?

When I go kickboxing I pretend the bag is every guy who makes a terrible redhead joke thinking he’s funny. Get it? Do you get it???

I mean really, you’re just so funny. Of course because my hair is red I would go find the green top of a carrot and pick it out of the ground. You’re hysterical. Also, thank you for explaining it to me. I’ve never heard anyone use the word carrot to a redhead before. And you wonder why I’m single and not dating you…

February 15, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

Will You Be Mine?

I’d like to share those sweet words that every girl wants to hear on Valentine’s Day.

Does a guy’s penis size matter?

That’s right, you guessed it. Just another lovely message for me on Valentine’s Day. Here’s the full conversation.

He: Hey can I ask you a question

She: Well you already asked one, so I guess a second one couldn’t hurt.

(Boy was I wrong)

He: Does a guys penis size matter

(Normally I wouldn’t even respond to this, but I found his question extra rude at the moment and I felt that he deserved the cold hard truth)

She: Yes. And only guys with a small penis ask that question.

(Or ones who are really insecure)

He: Ouch thanks

You’re welcome men!

February 4, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

He Said She Said

He said: Okay, serious question here…
Let’s say you’re taking me out for dinner, & I’m starving. How long before you’re out the door & ready?
A. 30 minutes & you look HOT, & I can’t keep my hands off you?
B. 15 minutes and can still pull off “passable”
C. 2 hours & I die from starvation . . .

She said: False. You would be taking me out to dinner.

Side note: I would have never picked any of those choices anyway. You would be taking me out to dinner AND I could do 15 minutes and look HOT!



February 2, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

Eye’m Looking at You

You know what’s not creepy at all? Getting a message from a guy who only has a single giant picture of his eye staring at you. Every now and then I can understand someone new to online dating who is worried about putting his pictures online. But you also need to get over it quickly. If you are sometimes in the spotlight and don’t want people to know who you are right away, ok maybe I’ll give you that as well. But I really have no interest in holding a conversation with someone hiding his identity.

So in this particular case, I asked why discretion was so important. Here is the gist of the ensuing conversation:

Him: I’m not single but otherwise sweet nice and normal

Her: So if you’re not single, why are you on here?

Him: I’m seeking mutual passion with someone who’s also nice normal and seeks the same!..

What on earth led this person to think that I’m looking for a loser in a relationship who just wants to sleep around? Yes, please! I can’t wait to meet this amazingly sweet guy who wants to cheat on his girlfriend/wife with me, but doesn’t have the balls to break up with her. I’m so excited for our future together!

I didn’t want to just leave the conversation at that. My reply:

I don’t consider cheating to be nice and normal. I’m looking for a relationship that has the potential for a future. Perhaps you should consider becoming single if you’re not happy with your current relationship.

Not nearly as mean as I really would have liked to get, but still satisfying to send nonetheless. Please feel free to share what you would have said to him.


February 1, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

You Will Date Me

So the fact is that I do get a somewhat large amount of messages to sort through. I feel that most women probably get a decent amount. And let’s be honest, if we took the time to respond to every one, we wouldn’t have time to actually go on any dates. So yes, I delete a lot of messages without responding to them. There are times where I’ll be on a nice kick and I’ll try to send a ‘Thanks!’ when a guy I’m not interested in has said something very nice without a creepy undertone to it. But most of the time when I have no interest, I just move right along.

Today I had the pleasure of coming across a guy who had messaged me 3 times over the past few days. This was the first day I was able to look through his messages. They consisted of this:

Hey I’m ****- how are you? Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Hey, I’m ****- How are you? Any fun plans for this weekend?

Hey- How are you? Do anything worth bragging about this weekend?

Why yes, yes I did do something worth bragging about. I deleted all of your messages! Look, while I usually hate getting multiple messages from one person, I can sometimes look past that as on occasion I will miss someone worthwhile accidentally. But let’s not pretend you didn’t message me before. At least acknowledge it… and perhaps try a different topic.

Your stalker like tendencies and ability for quality conversations have really won me over.


January 31, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

You Can’t Sit With Us

Oh the single life of a not 20 something year old anymore. Old enough to know exactly what I want and to be ready for a relationship with a future, but not so old that I’m ready to settle to get it.

I have no problem with the fact that I get most of my dates online. It’s really the way things have to be nowadays. Especially if you’re busy with work like I am and most of your friends are in serious relationships.

Online dating is difficult. You never know who you’re really talking to. If they are who they say they are. It’s not like a friend set you up so you know you can trust him. Will he look like his pictures? Is he older than he says he is? Does he really have a good job? Is he a crazy psycho stalker and I’ll wind up in his freezer? All these thoughts and so many more fill my head for every guy that I entertain meeting.

By now I feel as though I’ve come across every type of guy and have gotten every type of message possible. That is until the next day when someone surprises and amazes me with something new. But it’s gotten to the point now where I feel it is my duty to share this with others out there who have been in similar situations, those who are thinking of trying to online date and those who have absolutely no interest in it and want more reasons to stay away.