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January 31, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

You Can’t Sit With Us

Oh the single life of a not 20 something year old anymore. Old enough to know exactly what I want and to be ready for a relationship with a future, but not so old that I’m ready to settle to get it.

I have no problem with the fact that I get most of my dates online. It’s really the way things have to be nowadays. Especially if you’re busy with work like I am and most of your friends are in serious relationships.

Online dating is difficult. You never know who you’re really talking to. If they are who they say they are. It’s not like a friend set you up so you know you can trust him. Will he look like his pictures? Is he older than he says he is? Does he really have a good job? Is he a crazy psycho stalker and I’ll wind up in his freezer? All these thoughts and so many more fill my head for every guy that I entertain meeting.

By now I feel as though I’ve come across every type of guy and have gotten every type of message possible. That is until the next day when someone surprises and amazes me with something new. But it’s gotten to the point now where I feel it is my duty to share this with others out there who have been in similar situations, those who are thinking of trying to online date and those who have absolutely no interest in it and want more reasons to stay away.


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