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February 26, 2016 / RedheadRamblings

Carrot Top

Wow, how is it you haven’t been snatched up yet?

I’m just really picky.

So pretend I’m a carrot and pick me outa the ground! Get it carrot.. top.. Ginger..:)) maybe I should leave the jokes to you:)) you look like youre in great shape tell me what’s your secret?

When I go kickboxing I pretend the bag is every guy who makes a terrible redhead joke thinking he’s funny. Get it? Do you get it???

I mean really, you’re just so funny. Of course because my hair is red I would go find the green top of a carrot and pick it out of the ground. You’re hysterical. Also, thank you for explaining it to me. I’ve never heard anyone use the word carrot to a redhead before. And you wonder why I’m single and not dating you…


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